​For Teens.

On Social Media.


​A Stand Beside Her Social Media Campaign that encourages purposeful posting where girls feel empowered to like themselves first instead of caving to the social pressure of creating a perfect and unattainable image.

​Challenge: Share a picture that highlights what qualities make you feel most confident! The people, the place, the activity - whatever it is that makes you, YOU!

In the classroom. With your team. In your clubs. With your friends. Watch your words. Recognize negative terms and words that you use in every day conversation that puts down women or girls. “Stop being bossy.” “You throw like a girl.” “Man up.” “Stop being such a girl.”

These phrases send negative messages to girls that they are not strong enough, not smart enough or not good enough.

Take the Pledge!

Teens can Stand Beside Her in so many ways. Encourage your friends to be a part of the movement by taking the Stand Beside Her Pledge for Teens (pictured left). Click the button to download the printable pledge.

Share pictures of you and your friends taking the pledge with us!  Email your photos to Kimberly.Crafton@girlscoutshs.org.

In Your School.

74% of girls agree that “most girls my age use social networking sites to make themselves look cooler than they really are.”

​When thinking about themselves, most girls claim they portray a more well-rounded image in person than they do online.

In person, girls say they come across as smart (82%), fun (82%), funny (80%), kind (76%), a good influence (59%), outgoing (55%), cool (55%), and social/confident (51% each).

The most frequent words girls use to describe how they come across based solely on their online profile are fun (54%), funny (52%), and social (48%).