Girl Scout Collaborative Council FAQs

Stand Beside Her Girl Scout Collaborative Council FAQ’s

Answers to your most asked questions regarding the Stand Beside Her Movement and how

Girl Scout Councils can get involved!

What is expected of council partners?
All we ask of our council partners is that you promote the mission of the Stand Beside Her Movement in your council and in your community. While you can certainly promote the patch program, we encourage our Stand Beside Her Movement partners to be creative. Stand Beside Her is a great platform to use when planning events or reaching out to community partners since our mission resonates with girls and women alike. 

How can girls earn their Stand Beside Her patch?
The Stand Beside Her Movement patch can be earned by doing ANY activity that supports girls and women, this includes activities found in theStand Beside Her Patch Program Guide, the Shine ON! Project, or another activity of your own choosing that supports girls and women in some way.

When can girls earn their Stand Beside Her patch?
Anytime! While we heavily promote Stand Beside Her during November,  girls can earn a Stand Beside Her patch at any time of year. It is important to note that the FREE Stand Beside Her patch is only available during the promoted time surrounding Stand Beside Her Month - dates vary annually and will be posted on the Get Involved - For Girls page of this website each year, and participants MUST complete the patch request form found there during the specified time period in order to receive the free patch.If girls do a Stand Beside Her activity outside of the specified time, they will need to purchase the patch, as they would with any other fun patch.  

Can my council purchase patches in bulk from Stand Beside Her? 
The patch design for the FREE Stand Beside Her Patch may change from year-to-year to encourage girls to participate more than once. However, if your council would like to have a Stand Beside Her patch in your shop available year round, you can use our patch design found HERE to order from your preferred vendor.

Other Questions?
We're happy to answer any other questions your council may have regarding the Stand Beside Her Movement!

Contact us anytime at!