For Girls.

​Courage. Confidence. Character.

39% of girls have been put down or discourage when trying to lead

Become a role model or mentor.Get involved in organizations that support women and girls through leadership opportunities, service and personal development.

Do a random stand. Know of a co-worker who has been struggling lately? Do a kind gesture. See a new mom juggling at the grocery store? Offer a kind word. See someone who may need a friend? Invite them to lunch.

Encourage people, reflect on those who have supported and encourage you and pay-it-forward by supporting someone else.

Watch your words. Recognize negative terms and words that you use in every day conversation that puts down women or girls. “Stop being bossy.” “You throw like a girl.” “Man up.” “Stop being such a girl.”

These phrases send negative messages to girls and women that they are not strong enough, not smart enough or not good enough.

Research before you vote. The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. Use it. With elections this fall and the presidential election next year, do your research so you are informed where candidates stand on important issues to you.

Support nonprofits that help girls and women.
Volunteer or donate to nonprofits that work on improving the lives of women and girls. Take part in female organizations that make a difference in their communities.