We invite you to stand beside us the week of October 29 - November 4, 2017 to propel this national effort to change our current culture so every girl and woman can reach her fullest potential.

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Plan a Stand Beside Her Event

Join us in celebrating National Stand Beside Her Week by organizing an event! For inspiration and ideas, visit our Facebook page to see what others are doing around the country.

Once you have your plans, submit it and we'll share it online!

Already had an event? Send us your pictures and you could see them online.

Get Started. Follow Our 6 Week Guide

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6 Weeks Ahead of Event– Get excited! It’s time to plan your very own Stand Beside Her event!

October is National Stand Beside Her month and we will be celebrating supporting girls and women all month long.

  • ¨ Discuss what type of event you would like to host.
    • Will it be just a troop event? Will you work with other troops in your community? Or make it service unit wide?
    • What type of activities will you have? SBH Project? Community service? Guest speakers? Mother – Daughter event?

  • Choose a date that work best for your troop!
    • It could be your normal troop meeting night, or a weekend!
  • Select venue.
    •   Where you will hold your Stand Beside Her event will depend on who you want to invite and how many you will expect to attend.
    • October is a great time of the year to consider a local park or outdoor location, but make sure you have a rain plan just in case. 
  • Create a budget.
    • Will you provide refreshments? Need supplies? Identify how much money you may need and how much money is in your troop/ service unit bank account that you can spend on your event. 
  • Form committees!
    • Each girl and volunteer can help plan an area. This is a great team building skill for girls to learn.
    • Committees may include: set-up, clean-up, budget, food, activities, decorations, invitations, etc. 
  •  Spread the world!
    • Share the date now with troop members, parents and volunteers so every can mark their calendar.
    • It is also a good time to secure any guest speakers.

 4 Weeks Ahead of Event—Now it’s Time to Take Action!

  • Share it on social media! Ask adults to share a post on their page inviting people to attend the event.
    • Create a Facebook event for your troop and invite all the go-getters, innovators, risk takers and leaders in your school, church and community!
  • Finalize budget.
    • Determine any food or beverage you’d like to offer, decorations or supplies you may need.
  • Create an event agenda or timeline.
    • Map out the entire event so you will know what happens when and where. Also add who is responsible for what so everyone knows what they are responsible for.
  • Schedule a venue walk through to map out your event.
    • How many tables and chair will you need? Do you have outlets to plug in a computer and projector?

 Invite your community!

  • Most areas have newspapers that will post, or print, community activities for free. Also check with local radio and television stations for online calendars that you may be able to share your event information on.
  • Send event details to the council!
    • We would love to share on our website and social media pages. You can email cosette.hawkison@girlscoutshs.org your details and where you would like them shared.
  • Finalize event details with the venue.
    • What time can you arrive? What is their clean-up policy? Can you use balloons?
  • Purchase any supplies you may need.
    • Make sure to use your troops debit card, or check, and bring your tax exemption letter from the state.
    • Keep receipts! This will help balance your budget, and allow you to return items that you may not need.
  •  Decide one everyone’s role for the day.
    • EVERY girl has something unique to bring to the table, so build on your troop’s strengths! 

2 Weeks Before Event— Your event day is almost here!

  • Resend invitation to community guests and partners.
    •  If there is an agenda share this with them so they know what to expect from the event.
  • Write a press release to send to your local newspaper, television or radio station and invite them to your event.
    • Make sure to give them all the details (date, time, location, description and a contact person’s information
    • Need help? Email cosette.hawkinson@girlscoutshs.org for assistance in drafting a press release.
  • Have a committee meeting so everyone can report on what they have finalized, and what they still need help doing.
    •  Verbally walk through the entire event. Start with who is setting up, who is brining refreshments, what activities you will be doing and who is leading those, and end with who is cleaning up and breaking down the event.
  • Print anything you may need.
    • Will you hang posters? Need name tags? Handing out information or tickets?

1 Week Ahead

  • Continue to advertise your event on social media and in the community!
  • Finalize your head count.
    • One advantage of creating a Facebook event is getting a good idea of who is coming. This will help you finalize food and supply numbers.
  • Create a “packing list” and make sure all details are finalized  - get ready for a successful event!

Day of the event

  • Arrive on time. 
  • Remember you are working as a team! Help others, and ask for help when you need it.
  • Smile and welcome guests.
    • If you have community guests, make sure to greet them at the door and show them to where they need to be.
  • Make sure to talk to new people and guests. This is a time to welcome people and make them feel comfortable at your event. You can always talk to your friends after the event.
  •  Have fun!
    • You’ve worked hard. Now enjoy your hard work.

Week After the Event

  • Write Thank You cards
    • Include any community guests, volunteers, or people who might have donated food or supplies to your event.
  • Recap the event while it is still fresh in everyone’s head.
    • What worked? What could have been better? What would you change for next year?
  •  Send the council pictures!