Everyday fifty-two million women in the United States balance the demands of motherhood and careers. 

National Working Mothers' Day 

National Working Mothers' Day

Friday, May 10, 2019

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Women now make up more of the workforce than ever before, and with 70% of the total female workforce having children under the age of 18, these women on average put in a 98-hour work week factoring in work and home duties. This is equivalent to holding down 2 1/2 full time jobs!

A group of Girl Scouts Heart of the South girls took notice of the long hours moms keep. To help honor not only their own mothers, but ones all over the country, in 2018 they launched National Working Mothers’ Day - a celebration of mothers in the workforce to be observed annually each Friday before Mothers’ Day.

The girls encouraged national, regional and local businesses and organizations to #standbesideher and show their appreciation for today’s working mothers. With the help of GSHS council staff, the girls got the word out about their exciting new initiative through social media channels, press releases, email campaigns, a website, videos and more! They encouraged businesses and individuals to do something special to honor the working moms in their lives and post pictures using the hashtag #nationalworkingmothersday2018. 

Their outstanding efforts reached thousands of people across the country! The effort was promoted nationally by GSUSA and both Working Mother and Ms. magazines promoted the day online. Locally, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland was so impressed with this girl-led initiative that he shared it with other cities, and now everyone - nationwide - is looking forward to celebrating National Working Mothers’ Day each and every year! 


Start planning now how you and your organization can #standbesideher and celebrate #nationalworkingmothersday2019!

Need ideas? Visit National Working Mothers' Day on the web at www.nationalworkingmothersday.org.​