Take the Pledge!

Women can #standbesideher in so many ways. Be a part of the movement by taking the Stand Beside Her Pledge for Women. Share pictures of you and your friends taking the pledge with us! Email your photos to standbesideher@girlscoutshs.org.

Encourage female veteran employees to go have coffee or lunch with a junior staff member.  Invite new hires to shadow senior employees on projects and in committees. Having female mentors is especially important to young women as they navigate the unique challenges of becoming a successful, thriving woman in both their professional and personal lives.

Use Stand Beside Her Month as a launching point to start a new mentoring program or corporate women's affinity group and expand employee relationships.

Organize a breakfast, coffee or  lunch to discuss personal successes and aspirations for the coming year. Showcase possibilities when women work together. Use the form linked below to tell us about your Stand Beside Her-themed events or activities. We would love to share your efforts and your ideas to help encourage MORE organizations to get involved and #standbesideher!

In Your Office

Establish a Mentor Program at Work

67% of women rate mentorship as highly important in helping to advance and grow their careers, yet 63% of women have never had a formal mentor.

In study after study the benefits of being mentored, and mentoring, are invaluable to employees and companies. In one Gartner/Wharton study, employees who mentored were promoted six times more often than their peers who did not mentor; 25% of employees who mentored received a salary grade change in comparison to 5% of employees who didn’t. In addition, the study determined employees who participated in a mentoring program had a retention rate 20% higher than those who did not mentor. Mentoring is good for the employee and the employer.

Or Take the Pledge ONLINE and tell us how YOU plan to #standbesideher!